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We hand-picked independent brands from all over the world so that you can find what suits exactly you.
Carla Colour
Self-taught designer Carla Robertson always found it hard to find a pair of shades she really wanted to wear. So, as the best kind of designer story often goes, she made them herself.

Carla Colour launched in November 2014 committed to bringing fashion-forward, ethical and sustainable eyewear to the market. Inspired by color, geometry, music and infinite horizons, her refreshingly fun specs make for a serious (vibrant) style statement.
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From its name (a term historically linked to Mardi Gras) to its packaging (which depicts the 1906 Krewe of Rex parading down Canal Street), every facet of Krewe eyewear proclaims the founder's love of New Orleans.

An artist, photographer, and NOLA native, Stirling Barrett founded the brand in 2013 to pay homage to his roots through modern eyewear. Each frame is named after a New Orleans site or cultural reference and handmade from lightweight, heat-sensitive acetate for extreme pliability.
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Modern Legacy
Modern Legacy is Canada based design team focused on limited-edition, micro-produced, Canadian-made eyewear and optical products which celebrate the past with eyes on the future.

Drawing on decades of experience in opticianry and extensive design backgrounds that include interior and furniture design, MLE is a producer of historical product references and modern desires. Canadian, artisanal, handmade craftsmanship combined with sophisticated expressions of style and versatility, result in this powerful collection of eyewear.

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TIJN places focus on art of people's daily life and the connection between us and this planet. They are challenging the consumerism that was advocated by luxury brands, concentrating more on sustainable living of human being, and caring more about life of ordinary people.

Variety of models, high-quality and affordable prices make this brand a go-to for us.
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